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All families have a different recipe for noodle casserole. This time, we will make the… Llegir més

60 min

It is very easy to prepare and thanks to the slow cooking time, you will obtain a very tender… Llegir més

40 min

A unique way to cook pork cheeks that’s easy and fast! Ideal for hot days.

40 min

If you want to surprise your guests with an exquisite recipe that’s easy to make, try… Llegir més

60 min

Quiche Lorraine, a recipe from our neighboring country and a perfect unique dish. It is… Llegir més


If you like beans, you will enjoy this traditional Catalonian recipe.

1 h

A different way to make meatballs. Add pig’s trotters to give it a mellow touch. Easy to make … Llegir més

20 min

The heat has arrived and we present you with a dish to fight it. This lentil and ham salad is… Llegir més

1h 30min

If you want to prepare an easy and delicious recipe, take note. It will take a while, but it… Llegir més

30 min

This recipe is ideal and easy to make in the oven. You need Summum ham, goat cheese, puff pastry… Llegir més

1 h 15 min.

Cook a traditional beef lasagna for the small ones in the house. The only ingredients needed to… Llegir més

40 min

This is a simple recipe perfect for the little ones. It is a delicious variation on your typical… Llegir més