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More than 3,500 clients in the food industry endorse us as one of the group leaders in the porcine sector of the country, from breeding pigs to the commercialization and exportation of the final product.

The companies of Group d'Avinyó are specialists in the production of pork meat, processed meat and sausages. We handle all processes with care and pay attention to details to offer a gourmet product.

In addition, with the great daily work of our people who are committed to what they do, we maintain a close, trust and service oriented relationship with our clients.

Our companies

R.B.S manages our farms and audits those of our associates, so that the animals are born, fed and grow up under the required protocols.

Our slaughterhouse is one of the main companies of the sector. Recognized for its commitment, its quality and the varied range of products offered to its customers.

“Catalan de Embutidos” is the factory of processed meat, cooked and semi cooked sausages and short cured sausages of the Group Roma.

For many years now, “Conservas Ausa” has been characterized by producing products that reflect their own identity, recognized by an intense flavour and a unique aroma and taste.

Our specialized company in natural skins for sausages.

Unexporc Group has been the commercial subsidiary for export and a reference in various international markets since 1994.

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