Gourmet Brand

and the whole family’s favourite

In 2006, the Roma family decided to look for a type of pig that would bring that one special flavour back. That mellow texture that melts in the mouth at the first bite and is so difficult to find. For this reason, we recovered the rustic pig breed, little known in our country, but very appreciated in others.

We feed our pigs with traditional cereal-based nutrition

To achieve excellence, our pigs only eat cereals of the highest quality which provide more energy and less protein, such as barley and corn. We fatten them gradually to enhance their organoleptic characteristics, improving their texture and regaining the true taste of pork.

This is how we obtain the pig Ral d'Avinyó. An authentic jewel of juicy, mellow meat with an incomparable taste, ideal for the whole family, especially for the most demanding members of the house: children.