Dry Aged Ral d'Avinyó Rib Eye





            11 years ago, in 2012, we began the Ral d’Avinyó project to offer you the best quality pork meat. Our slow-food meat, reared steadily and fed with traditional cereals, has satisfied the most demanding palates.


           To continue innovating as we have always done, we proposed a new challenge for Grup Roma. One that would continue providing utmost excellence in our pork meat.


           What process have we followed to create a new product?


          For a gourmet brand of the likes of Ral d'Avinyó, it is not enough to propose a new format, such as changing the name of the pieces that a tray contains. Its process, upheld from the first instant, only allows us to process the meat once the production process has been completed at the plant.


         By maturing it under controlled humidity and temperature conditions for around 4 weeks, as is the case with beef, we have managed to improve the meat's properties. It has been a real success for everyone who has tasted it. This is how the Ral d'Avinyó Dry Aged premium cut has come about.


        This process provides the meat with:


  •          - More tenderness
  •          - A greater concentration of flavors
  •          - A mellow nature

         In other words, it improves the texture, the flavor is more intense and it is conferred a much more mellow nature. We have achieved a tender and tasty premium cut of pork meat. Perfect for cooking a recipe on the grill or in the oven. Do you want to try it?